Let’s get inspired

What ideas can we share?

We still have all the old problems – but now we have a whole lot of new ones too. How can we begin to solve them?

Every voice matters

It’s time to be bold about what we can do and how we do it. We need to get creative. Fresh ideas can bring us together, the more we share them the more we can influence what happens next.

No idea is too small. Tiny acorns grow into mighty oaks. Everything that has ever been created started with one person’s idea, and simple changes can lead to the most amazing things. We are all needed to make this happen.

Here is a random collection of just some of the big issues. There are many more than this, but here are some for starters…


Basic needs

How do we safeguard our emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing in dark times – and going forward?

How can everyone access essential healthcare?

Do we need to make healthcare more holistic?

How do we hold on to hope?

How do we create stability in turbulent times?

How can we encourage each other and boost each other’s self-worth and sense of personal empowerment?

How do we make sure everyone has access to essential resources like nourishing food and clean water?

How do we reduce air pollution on a crowded planet?

How do we reduce homelessness?

How do we make sure everyone has access to information?

How can we make education universal?

How can we each find a place to ‘belong’ and be needed?

How do we safeguard freedom of choice and freedom of expression when governments have increasing power?

…and so much more.

Share your ideas



How can people find ways to cope with falling incomes and unemployment?

Is it time to switch to a sharing economy, as opposed to private ownership?

How could we address huge levels of personal debt?

How can countries finance ongoing social support?

Could we live without money by changing the way we live?

Do we need a better model for global, local and individual economies?

In what ways could we consume less and live with less?

How can we lift people out of poverty?

…and so much more.

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Work and careers

How can we find work for all?

Is ‘work’ – as we’ve known it – still relevant or do we need to redefine it?

If we consume less, do we need to work as much?

Is the 9-to-5 routine dead?

How do we reduce mass unemployment in different countries?

How can we best support businesses sectors badly affected right now, e.g. live events, travel, sport, retail, transport, cafés and restaurants?

Could we make remote work the norm?

How can we deal with the isolation of remote work?

Are there better ways for people to commute?

How can we make sure technology benefits everyone?

How can we build more flexibility into work – both in terms of the hours we work and where/how we work?

How can we compensate for the isolation many students feel studying online only?

How can we prevent exploitation of workers when so many across the world are desperate for work?

…and so much more.

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Connection and wellbeing

How do we start to address the huge problem of loneliness and lack of physical human touch?

How do we reduce fear and suspicion of other people?

How can we provide more emotional support to those who are struggling with dark times?

Do we need to teach our children more about how we are all connected and we all depend on each other?

How do we ensure access to communications technology for all?

How can we build mental strength?

How can we heal from loss?

How do we break down the divisions and prejudices that stop us moving forward as a species?

How can we appreciate more of the simpler things in life?

How can we care better for elderly people – and ensure they have a voice?

How can we make sure we maintain social connection while isolated?

…and so much more.

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How can we break down the divisions that stop us finding inclusive solutions to problems?

How can we reduce ingrained prejudice that keeps people down?

How do we find effective ways to finally leave behind discrimination based on colour, gender identity, ability, culture, orientation, nationality, age…?

How do we ensure equal access to resources and to opportunity?

How do we create a more level playing field in terms of access to education and work?

…and so much more.

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How do we re-wild the planet?

How can we protect wildlife and wilderness from destruction when so many people rely on finding work in industries that may harm it?

How can we keep air pollution down when we need to travel?

How do we re-nourish our soil for better food?

How can we grow more trees?

How can we reduce the plastic waste that clogs up so many waterways?

How can we grow more trees quickly?

How do we protect our forests and the balance of life within them?

How do we fuel our energy needs without destroying the environment?

How can we better help those across the world affected by rising seas and climate change?

How do we safeguard the biodiversity and wildlife on our planet?

How can we all be better educated to treat animals with respect?

How can we reduce pesticide use without resorting to synthetic food?

Is there more we can do in mainstream education to learn about fragile ecosystems?

How can we better recognise that we are all part of the natural world?

How can we each tread more lightly to reduce our personal impact on the environment?

…and so much more.

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Do we all need to start planting seeds and growing food?

Do we need to buy local?

How can we address the huge impact of famine right now and going forward?

How do we best get food relief to people in need?

Could we promote more widely the idea of food/nutrition as medicine?

…and so much more.

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How can we sustain better health into older age?

How can we teach people about nutrition?

How can we sustain a more natural state of health?

How can we take more control of our own personal health?

Could we all grow more of our own organic food?

…and so much more.

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Government and/or leadership

How do we preserve personal freedoms?

How do we make sure individual people still have a voice?

How can we make governments more inclusive?

How can we nurture visionary leaders – and the next generation of leaders?

How can we cooperate better globally?

How can we connect across borders and divides?

…and so much more.

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How we live

How do we simplify our lives and reduce our liabilities?

Are we seeing an exodus from cities? If so, how can we make that work for all?

How can we lead more fulfilling lives by living with less?

Do we need to take time recognise the value in the simple things of life?

How can we build stronger communities?

How can we repurpose and reuse more than we buy?

…and so much more.

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Safety and security

How do we stop the increase in violence in the home?

How do we build greater self confidence?

How can we keep refugees safe and help them rebuild their lives?

How can we deal with a prevailing mood of fear and yet still move forward?

…and so much more.

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How do we travel in a world full of fear?

Do we need to rethink how we travel in general?

How can we develop transport systems that work for all – including for the environment?

How could we travel more by land and sea?

…and so much more.

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