Help shape the future – by sharing your ideas

Help shape the future – by sharing your ideas

This new project needs your input!

If you’re like me, then right now in this strange time in the world, you ay be getting used to how things are day to day, but you may have the questions in your mind, “Where do we go to from here?” “How do we move forward?” and “What now?”

There are huge problems that we have to deal with, for example massive unemployment, many people in different parts of the world are literally starving, and there is a huge amount of loneliness and isolation – and of course fear.

We’re each just trying to figure things out, as we take things day to day.

It’s understandable that many of us crave being able to go back to normal, and for many people being able to go back to normal is a matter of survival.

And yet, at the same time, if everything just goes back to the old normal, then we don’t address the really deep problems that we have and we may simply end up right back here again.

So Outwardist is now a space for us all to share ideas about how we move forward

When I started Outwardist in 2019 it was to encourage people to explore more of the world – to meet people that we wouldn’t ordinarily meet – because we learn so much that way.

Right now we need to learn from each other – perhaps like never before. We need to share ideas. Let’s not leave it only up to governments to decide how we move forward. Let’s have a voice.

The ideas that we share don’t have to be big grand ideas – they can be simple ideas for the small steps we can take day by day.

Will you join me in this?

Right now we have a huge opportunity to create change. What’s more, because this is affecting everyone across the world, we can play to our strengths as humans: our diversity is our friend; it’s our diversity that will get us through this to a better place.

We are each unique, we each have a unique life experience to bring to this, and our collective wisdom and insight is phenomenal.

I’m starting this from the ground up, and I would love you to be involved.

Find out more here.

I’ve also put together a Survival Kit for Difficult Times, and you can download that free here.


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