Why I set up Outwardist

Building bridges one connection at a time

When we talk to each other – to people we wouldn’t normally meet – and when we explore places we wouldn’t normally go, we can uncover the real stories about the world.

And when we share our experiences more widely, we can inspire others to step beyond their own back yard and explore for themselves.

Many national agendas seem intent on creating conflict and division, fuelling fears that drive wedges between people, instead of building bridges of understanding.

When we look behind the headlines and soundbites that divide us, we can discover a world full of fascinating places and people with interesting stories to tell – including right on our doorstep.

We can discover our shared humanity and we can celebrate our differences.

What’s more, we can also learn the most valuable insights about ourselves.

So my aim with Outwardist is not only to encourage you to get out there and enjoy this amazing world, but also to help create greater understanding between people.

Everyone and everything is interesting if you dig deep enough, and everything has its own mystery to marvel at.

Do you have an interesting story about how travel – or meeting new people – has changed your perspective on something?

Have you had an experience on your travels that has shown you something new about yourself?

We’d love to hear your stories.

“Whose story is correct? … We cannot know which story is correct, because we were not there… to see and hear and experience for ourselves. You must always ask yourself ‘Whose story am I missing?’ Once you have figured that out, you must find that story too.” Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi