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Sharing insights and stories helps us understand each other better – and learn from each other

Do you have a story about how travel has changed you?

Or is there someone you’ve encountered closer to home who’s changed your perspective about something?

Maybe you chatted with someone on a bus and you saw the world a little differently after that conversation.

Perhaps you visited a remote or unusual part of the planet and learned more about the environment and how we all depend on each other.

Or maybe you took a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go and you feel forever different.

We’d love to share your insights and stories on our blog

3 tips:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Avoid identifying specific individuals.
  3. Just in case there’s a technical glitch at our end or yours, save your story on a different document before adding it here. We don’t want you to lose it.

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These prompts may help you tell your story:
~ Brief description of your experience – where, when, what was happening, etc.
~ If this involved a new culture, environment or country for you, how was it different?
~ How has it changed how you see yourself?
~ How has it changed how you see or understand or feel about the wider world?
~ Has it made you question any assumptions you previously had about the people you met or the place you were in?
~ Is there anything you might do differently now as a result?
~ What would you like others to learn from your experience?
~ What did you most enjoy about it?

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