My story

Who am I and why am I sharing this stuff?

Angela Sherman, founder of Outwardist

Angela Sherman

Hi there – I’m Angela, and it’s great to have you here.

I’ve always loved exploring new places and meeting new people. I’m hoping if you’ve read some of this site and made it this far, you’re the same.

Over the years I’ve travelled a lot. I’ve also faced times in my life where I’ve felt as though my travel dreams were disappearing. I know how finding the time, freedom and flexibility to see more of the world (near and far) can sometimes seem impossible.

Connection with each other – and with the natural world – is more important than ever

In addition I’m thinking that you, like me, may have had some difficult stuff to deal with in life – or have found yourself with ongoing commitments that keep you tied to one place – when what you really want to do is explore.

For me it started back in 2014 when I sat at my desk, staring out of the window and pondering the same four walls and the same daily view. I wanted to do more, to add more to my life and to the world. But I still needed to make a living. (Does that ring a bell with you?)

So I began to question whether I really did need to be sitting at the same desk in the same office every day, when maybe – just maybe – I could find a way to be anywhere in the world at anytime I chose.

That’s when I started to make a big shift in how I live and how I work. I gave away nearly all my ‘stuff’ and spent the following four years travelling full time, exploring 11 different countries across three continents – doing the same work as before but just in a different way.

Over this time I could see the shift towards unhealthy nationalism in some places, the building of walls – both metaphorical and real – aimed to deter us from connecting with new cultures or like-minded souls in different places – or even across the street. Crazy.

All this fed into my thinking about Outwardist… a movement, a more connected way to live, as close to home as you like or as far away as you want.

Fast forward to 2020: I now live in Denmark (I’m originally from the UK), and I now travel for several months at a time rather than all the time.

Through travelling – and also by meeting new people closer to home – I’ve had life-changing conversations with amazing people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet, I’ve spent time in places I wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

I’ve also gone from a technophobe to someone who has now run two businesses online (who knew?) – and can operate on the move from anywhere.

I’ve created a life on my terms, instead of living a life prescribed by how we’re ‘supposed to’ live and work… and I love it.

The stories we’re often taught about the people and places of this world are not always true. For me, the best thing by far about my travels, near and far, has been the people I’ve met. Uncovering their stories has not only taught me more about the world, but it’s taught me a whole heap about myself.

Work-wise, I have a background in marketing and copywriting, writing non-fiction books, professional speaking and running an online business. I understand the pressures of work and also how difficult it can sometimes be to juggle our job, our life and our dreams.

I also spent many years running a major website about nursing care funding, which I launched when my parents needed nursing care that was being unlawfully denied them in the UK. It was a horrendous time for us as a family, but it led me to do a lot of speaking gigs on the subject, as well as TV and radio interviews.

That whole experience also gave me a greater yearning to build more freedom into my life, finding fresh energy by meeting new people across the world and at home.

I ran a business networking group in the UK for several years, I’m part of a number of global online networks, I’ve built a fabulous and nourishing network of personal friends and contacts across the world, and I understand the value of a supportive community.

When I’m not working…

View of dusk in the Westfjörds region of Iceland

Vestfirdir, Iceland

You’ll find me taking close-up pictures of insects, plants and flowers, to see the world of incredible detail that’s all around us. I love cats, wilderness, forests, mountains, big skies and broad horizons – and I love exploring new places with my musician partner Tim.

Tiny flower in close up

Close up of dandelion covered in dewdrops

5 fast facts about me…

Home made chocolate truffles

1. I once had hypnotherapy for a spider phobia, and afterwards I let a bird-eating tarantula walk up my arm. It was amazing.

2. I make seriously good raw vegan chocolates and truffles.

3. An cheeky arctic fox once took me for a walk – and tried to steal my backpack. Seriously.

ChoraChori logo4. One of the best things I’ve ever done is visit Nepal (several times now), and realise just how lucky I am to have had two parents who loved me and to have all the opportunities I have in life. One of my favourite charities is ChoraChori. The team confront violence against children in Nepal, managing trauma and bringing child rapists to justice. They’re changing lives.

5. One of my favourite ways to travel is to house sit. Since 2014 I’ve completed 77 house sits across the world and looked after 163 cats, two fish – and one dog. I really love house sitting – it’s a great way to get to know new places and meet fascinating new people (and cats).