Seedling in the palm of a hand - How do we live in this ‘new normal’?Outwardist is an online hub of ideas

It’s a space where we can all suggest positive ideas for a new and better ‘normal’ for the world. It can take us closer to a new kind of future that works for everyone.

The question on many people’s lips right now is “Where do we go from here?” We need ideas – not only about how we respond to the coronavirus, but also how we think much more broadly about the things that need to change. The more we can share ideas – and share them widely – the more traction they can gain.

Do you ever feel…

  • weary and battered by the zeitgeist yet hungry for change?
  • overwhelmed by problems in the world that seem impossible to solve?
  • isolated and in need of a community of people to share your ideas with?

If so, I can guarantee that you’re not alone. I think we all feel these things from time to time.

But think about what’s possible…

Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela… They were all battle weary, but were unwilling to accept the status quo.

And who would have thought that a schoolgirl from Sweden called Greta could start a huge global movement. Or that New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern – young, female and a new mother – could blaze such an iconic trail in politics.

All have faced setbacks. All have shown themselves forces to be reckoned with.

Right now we need to look outward, beyond what we think we know and beyond the assumptions and unconscious programming we may have grown up with. Let’s find a new way forward.

Here’s what we have on our side:

  • Diversity: each one of us is unique, and we each have a unique life experience to bring to this. Our diversity is our greatest strength, and with our collective wisdom and insight we can be an incredible force for change. It’s a reason for hope when things feel hopeless – and a way to feel empowered when it’s easy to feel powerless.
  • We all have ideas and we can have a collective voice. Let’s not leave it only up to governments to decide how we move forward.
  • Everything starts with an idea – whether it’s the pen in your hand, the system that heats your home or a bridge over the river. Everything starts with one idea from one person.
  • Going back to normal is vital for many people to survive, and yet that old ‘normal’ doesn’t solve the deeper problems in the world. We need a new, inclusive, kind of normal that sustains everyone.
  • No idea is too small!

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We need to evolve – not just keep revolving

Many of us crave some familiarity right now – a way back to some of the things you used to do. But you may also recognise that simply going back to normal gets us nowhere. The world is different now. We are all different now.

We need to address the deep problems that cause so much pain and division across the world. People have been suffering across the world for years, and now the situation is even more acute. People are literally starving, the planet is being looted, millions across the world are unemployed and millions more are lonely and afraid.

It’s not a happy picture, but this moment – right now – is a unique opportunity for us to shape a more sustainable and inclusive normal. Let’s get off the hamster wheel and create new priorities. Let’s build momentum and do what we can to leave a better legacy as humans.

Do we really want to leave it only up to governments to decide what happens next? Share your ideas here.