Outwardist is for people who want to find greater flexibility and freedom in the way they live and work

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Do you long to explore more of the world – but feel stuck because of work and other commitments?

Hi there welcome to Outwardist.

You’re here because you want to spend more time discovering fascinating people and places in this beautiful world but you’re not sure how given all your day-to-day commitments.

You’re likely to be in mid life upwards and you want to travel more…

Maybe you’re tired of your current routine and crave a change. You value diversity, you’re curious about the world.

Perhaps you have an empty nest or maybe you’ve come through a difficult time and now it’s your time to thrive.

Or maybe you just love travelling and want to do more of it.

But how can you do this when you’ve got so much ‘stuff’ to deal with day to day?

I get it.

With our job/work, mortgage, financial commitments, house, kids, family, and just a few weeks holiday a year… the day-to-day routine of life can snatch away our time and leave us feeling as though we’re writing ourselves out of our dreams.

Not good.

The good news is that I can show you how

Who am I? I’m Angela Sherman and I’ve made travelling a way of life. But travelling is not my work I have simply changed the way I do my work so I’m free to be anywhere I choose, anytime I choose.

I love it so much, and that’s why I created Outwardist to show you how to live and work in a more flexible way and find the freedom to get out there and explore the amazing people and places on this incredible planet.

My professional background spans copywriting and marketing, writing non-fiction books, professional speaker and running an online business so I understand the pressures of work and also how difficult it can sometimes be to juggle our job, our life and our dreams.

I can show you how:

  • you don’t have to be restricted to travelling only during your annual holiday
  • you can travel for the same cost as staying at home or less!
  • you can explore places you wouldn’t normally be able to reach
  • you can enjoy great conversations with people you wouldn’t normally get to meet
  • you can travel for just a few months or weeks at a time or all the time if you choose
  • you can take your work with you
  • you can simplify your life and live more lightly
  • you can enjoy your travel dreams right now
  • you can do all this even if you think you can’t

You feel a wider sense of connection and community beyond your own back yard, you learn more about the wider world and you learn more about yourself.

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” – Wendell Berry

And remember also that there are fascinating people and places everywhere in the world, including at the other end of your street.

I’ve travelled a lot – but I’ve also faced times in my life where I’ve felt as though my travel dreams were disappearing. I know how finding the time, freedom and flexibility to see more of the world can sometimes seem impossible.

In addition, when we reach our middle years (I’m in my 50s) it’s not unusual to have had some difficult stuff to deal with in life. But that’s also something that enables us to connect more deeply with others.

The stories we’re fed by the media about different people and places are not always true, and can be so divisive, so let’s get out there and explore the stories of this world for ourselves. Let Outwardist be your guide.

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